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November 30, 2009
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Dedicated to everyone who has supported me so far, including all my ex-teachers at St Peters RC High School at Manchester, and all my old DevArt friends like Sai, flowers, aaron, Ronic and others, thanks ya all

Serge Garcia Aka Evo/Leon/Overturn900

Also, any glitches and errors you find, let me know so I can fix them! Oh ,and spread the word, Im still starting out in deviantart, and need to get my word out, so any friend you have, let them know, and help me get started n_n as well, please check out my page for more details and send me a post if you are interested in helping me out on this, you will get credit and the source FLA code

A friend of mine gave me this questionare to fill out, and think some of you might find this usefull

1. What is the story behind your latest creation?
This is a an RPG turn-based battle game, somewhat like final fantasy. The main story, might be based on smash brawl fantasy and some newcomers, having some guests from anime games and series like final fantasy, kingdom hearts, bleach, and others. Playable main characters should be mario, link, sonic, kirby, sora, cloud, and maybe samus.

2. Who or what inspired you to begin your production?
What inspired me to begin this...nice question. Well, a sunday morning, I had nothing to do, and u could say all I knew about programing was basic play(); and stop(); coding, but I tought to myself "How are turn-based Rpg battle games made? Arent they many clips joine by buttons and played with simple gotoframe comands?". So I turned on my pc, got a pepsi can, and started searching on tutorials for basic turn-based battle game systems. So about 3 hours messing about in flash, and tweaking this and that, got me a pretty basic idea on how to start this.

3. How long have you been working on it, and when do you expect to finish?
How long Ive been working, mmmh...bout 3-4 days, and 2-3 hours each day, at SCHOOL XD. Scince I cant use my dad's pc I had to find a way to do this, so I got a flash CS3 portable usb exe* file that needs no installing, pasted it on a local school pc, and got started. So -Ive been working on this bout 7-9 hours for now, but Ive been fixing many, MANY glitches and had come acros many challenges to avoid.

4. Do you feel that this is better than your previous work? If so, why?
HELL YEAH!!! My previous work is something like basic sprite animation, nothing out of this world, pretty much inspired on alvin-earthworm's series SMBZ who got me into flash animating.

5. Do you feel that this is something original? What have you done to make your creation different?
Mmh...okey, maybe not so original, or maybe yes. Dont know, sega, nintendo, square enix, capcom, and even more series in one battle rpg game, dont know if it has been done before, and sprites, I am planning to do some custom ones Im to make for boss guys and maybe my own character, but for now, Ill leave sprite ensambling for later, Im strongly planning to get a crew to help me on this scince I need to get a lot done and have little time.

6. What has given you the most difficulty during the development process of your new creation?
The programing and sprite ensambling. I got the spritesheets but am short on time to join them together, and programing gets my head a headache because everytime I get a message "Error on line 3, layer 2, scene spelled gotoandPlay wrong, its GotoAndPlay..." OMFG...This is getting harder everytime...

7. Have you learned new techniques from making this, and do you plan to use them in the future?
Yeah, a lot of programing has been into this, and seeing Im the animator and programer, and am only a 16 year old kid doing his best to hang on here, I think Im dong fine.

8. Besides Flash, did you pull any other programs into the mix to deliver your desired effect?
I need more programs, yes, but scince I have very basic things at my disposal, I had to improvise. I made many effects with a very basic audio editting program called wavepad, nearly like the crappy "windows voice recorder" added a few echo effects, cut the sounds to get what I need, and amplified some of them. Also used paint, dont ask how...

9. How do you feel this creation will measure up to other submissions on Newgrounds?
I think this, when I finish it of course, could be on the top 50 uploads of the portal on the first week, maybe, scince Ive seen, and as Im planning to add A LOT more things to this, this is only the first stages of the game.

10. Any final thoughts or anything else you would like to say?
Yeah, I NEED STREET FIGHTER, DBZ, AND SONIC SFX, IF YOU KNOW WHERE i COULD GET SOME, OR IN SOUNDPACKS LET ME KNOW! Also looking for part time volunteers to help me with the sprite ensambling. If you want to help, but dont have the software, let me know and Ill provide you with the software (Fireworks, I can get you FW cs3)
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keyblade-shadow Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
Also, I just used attack twice and then overdrive and Link did the rest :icontoungefaceplz:
keyblade-shadow Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
Wai no Riku?
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that was awesome XDXD
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a bit of a glitch.
Shadows health turned full a short monnt, hitpoints stayed normal, but bar was filled
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whats the song at the beginning? and great job! :3
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Oh mah gog this is exactly like Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!
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Awesome work!
And you went to St Peters? In Manchester? I go there now! I've never heard of anyone else on here but my friends that went to St Peters!
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excellent work dude
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How come Shadows the guy u beat???
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